SC Bodner Company
About Us

SC Bodner Company, Inc. draws upon three generations of development expertise. In 1924, Solomon C. Bodner (1896-1955) started building many of Indianapolis finest homes, apartments, and office buildings. He was a leader in the surge of construction activity that occurred after World War II. His son, Robert S. Bodner (1929-1986) joined the family firm in 1950. Robert continued the development tradition by building distinctive homes, class A office buildings, and upscale apartment homes. Some of his more popular projects include Meridian Towers East and West, Eagle Creek Apartments, and the Mohawk Hills Apartment and golf course community.

Steven C. Bodner now President of SC Bodner Company is carrying on the family tradition. Mr. Bodner graduated from the Vanderbilt University Civil Engineering School in May of 1979. After Graduation, Mr. Bodner entered the development business. The company has developed single-family homes, condominiums, retail centers, and multi-family properties.

 Its ability to adapt is what has enabled SC Bodner Company to become one of the top builders in the United States. SC Bodner Company, now known as one of the nations leading high-end multi-family developers, recently ranked 13 of 50 in the nations top multifamily builders by the Multifamily Executive Magazine and 158 of 400 in the Professional Builder Magazine's Giant 400- focusing on all residential, commercial, and multifamily builders. SC Bodner Company develops around 1,000 units per year by aggressively taking on new challenges and staying ahead of market trends.   

SC Bodner Company’s previous developments include shopping centers in 15 different states geared mostly to grocery and drug stores. Since the 1990’s, we shifted gears to multi-family developments. Now, a typical SC Bodner development would be a 240 unit, four story building with elevators containing the neo traditional principles.

The SC Bodner Company is committed to the “Live, Work, and Play” concept and has incorporated this neo-traditionalist design into all of our projects. SC Bodner Company establishes its apartment communities in a city’s most desirable neighborhoods, near high end shopping centers, upscale eateries, and with easy access to major thoroughfares. Each property exudes quality and has lush landscaping and exquisite décor, embracing the architectural style and integrity of its exclusive surroundings. The typical property built is 200 units or more in size.  

The SC Bodner Company will continue to focus on developing, acquiring, and operating apartments and townhomes in metropolitan areas across the country. The company is currently developing land in Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska and West Virginia. The coming years are only going to get better as our company continues to grow and nurture it's current assets.